General Contracting and design


Construction company "INKO" consists of a group of companies as such:

  • OOO Laboratoriya "NEW MODEL”

In the personnel of OOO "INKO LTD" includes:

  • Engineering and technical personnel 
  • Sanitary area 
  • Electrical installation site 
  • General construction and finishing works site
  • Land improvement 

The activity of PE "PLUS GARANTED”:

  • Technical supervision of construction of buildings and structures
  • Research Engineering

Provision of transport services

The staff of the engineering and technical enterprise consists of the personnel, and drivers machine operators 

OOO Laboratoriya "NEW MODEL" performs activities with the creation of architectural objects. Design engineers performed design work on such objects as: Trade and warehouse complex "Blum", reconstruction of the production hall of TZ "Leoni Waering systems UA GmbH, air traffic control center g Lviv, gas station with GDP.Malekhiv, Lviv region, reconstruction of administrative building under the business center. B. Khmelnitskogo str., Lviv.

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