About us

Construction company “INKO” – began its activities in 2005. Long-term experience of the INKO company in construction of production facilities, high qualification of employees and strict compliance to all standards allow to realize orders of any complexity and structure. Our main advantage in industrial and civil construction is the implementation of all the wishes of the customer in compliance with all norms and standards of construction. We use only modern technologies and innovative systems that allow us to fulfill orders in a short time and control the construction at all stages, which greatly facilitates the process.

The main direction of work – the full cycle of construction and installation works. Fulfilling the order for the construction of industrial and civil structures, we have gained valuable experience and a reliable reputation. Professional engineers and technicians and modern construction equipment make it possible to implement bold technical solutions and complex design tasks.

Taking into account the wishes of customers on the speed of execution and cost of orders - we have balanced costs, price compliance, timing and quality of work. And did everything to ensure that every customer was satisfied.

But if the quality of construction of industrial buildings and structures is important for you, the construction company "INKO" is exactly what you need! Choose professionals, and we in turn guarantee safety and durability of the objects constructed by us!

Today in an asset of the "INKO" company more than 50 completed objects which customers are the large companies such as:

  • PC "UKRTRANSNAFTA" (reconstruction of the tank farm),
  • Concern “Galnaftogaz” (filling station network “OKKO”),
  • UTN Vostok (network of the gas station “Ukrtatnafta”),
  • “Galitskaya fuel company” (a network of filling stations “GFC”),
  • JSC “Galychyna” (plant for the production of oil),
  • OOO “E VAN WIJK and MOYA logistics” (one-HUNDRED-and office-warehouse),
  • JSC “ISKRA” (the warehouse),
  • Office and warehouse premises “Blum”,
  • OOO "Mondi Packaging Begs Ukraine (warehouse primidone),
  • OOO “DUNAPACK-UKRAINE” (repairs ramp and canopy),
  • OOO "ATS-ELECTRIC" (reconstruction of existing warehouses),
  • OOO "Leoni Waering systems UA GmbH" (reconstruction of the production hall),
  • OOO "Pro-Tech window Ukraine "(construction of one HUNDRED and agribusiness),
  • OOO "Project invest Capital “(the construction of the hotel" Atlas De Lux “)

Today the "INKO" company carries out construction works on objects:

  • Reconstruction of the Palace of game sports "Spartak", Lviv : (OOO Palace of sports Ukraine)
  • Reconstruction of structures and networks of the line operation dispatcher station "Brody" (PC "UKRTRANSNAFTA»)
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